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Food & Beverage

Focusing on the three areas in restaurant operation, including membership, store operation and resource planning, yonyou food and beverage (f&b) solution provides software, hardware, deployment, operation and maintenance etc. one-stop IT service for catering business.

What are the challenges faced by the F&B industry?

Group control

Quality of branches is uneven, and it is hard to control

Employee mobility

High employee mobility, high recruitment, training, and management costs

IT capability

Lack of IT talent, corporate strategy is difficult to execute

Operation flow

Food hygiene and safety pose a great impact on business operation

How yonyou fits your business process?

How yonyou fits your business process?

Agile supply chain & procurement

A holistic supply chain management platform to streamline operation and communications

Serve your guests with fresh ingredients

Through batch management, expiry dates management, quality control, yonyou food & beverage industry solution enables enterprises to manage the entire product life cycle: controlling the quality from raw materials, semi-finished products until the end products.

The traceability system ensures the product quality and food safety.

Achieve efficient store operation

A holistic supply chain management platform to streamline operation and communications

Order management
POS management
Logistics management
Membership management
Promotion activities
Payment information

Unified business and finance

yonyou provides a unified platform that integrated with business flows to provide an automated financial management service.

Keep your employee engaged

To enhance employees experience, yonyou introduces an efficient corporate communication platform that provides employees with touch points throughout their employee lifecycle.

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“The team at yonyou showed professionalism in their technical advice and provided us with great aftercare services!”

John Loh

General Manager, EPSON

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