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A Specialist in enterprise solutions

UFIDA is the preferred enterprise service software provider in Macau, mainland China and even the Asia-Pacific region. The company was founded in Beijing in 1988. In addition to the enterprise resource management system (ERP System), it also provides and supports other enterprise cloud services.

We provide a wide range of services, among which ERP systems and cloud platforms are adopted by companies and industries in Macau and different regions, such as banking, construction, manufacturing, retailing, etc. UFIDA's enterprise service software is the catalyst for the growth and development of these enterprises.

UFIDA has been a reliable partner of enterprises for many years. Our customers include Nam Kwong Group, Shun Tak Group, ICBC Macau, Bank of China, etc.

Business Digitalization
Business Digitalization

Who We Are

A Specialist in enterprise solutions

yonyou has established itself as an industry leader and provider of ERP solutions in Hong Kong, China, and throughout the Asia Pacific region. ERP solutions are just one of the many areas we specialize in, as we have also built a reputation for our other cloud services since being founded over three decades ago.

Our wide range of services, ERP solutions and technology platforms are utilized across various industries in Hong Kong and numerous other countries. Many of the sectors that rely on our wide range of services are directly linked with economic growth and development, such as construction, real estate, manufacturing and food and beverage.

yonyou has also accumulated a trusted portfolio of partners over the years, including major global corporations like Dah Chong Hong, Shell and New World China Land.

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Serving digitalization for enterprises

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ERP|Enterprise Resource Planning

yonyou’s mission revolves around the premise of promoting business and social development through innovation and technology, namely with our cloud services and ERP solutions.

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About yonyou

We provide world-class ERP and cloud services and solutions to many industries in Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific.

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Wide-range of supported industries

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All-in-one finance regulatory solution

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Manage properties in a fast & easy way


Support your construction project from start to finish


Empower manufacturers in the era of cloud computing

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Make wholesale & distribution agile and easy


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Dedicated support along your journey

consultation implementation
Customized consulting services for IT products and solutions
Project implementation services by local professional teams
User training
Systematic training for end-users
Technical support
Comprehensive product maintenance services

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Trusted partner of prestigious clients

yonyou is dedicated to creating value for customers. Over 60% of the TOP 500 enterprises in China trust yonyou as an ERP service and solution provider and use our other diverse range of services as well.

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